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Euro Regional Program

In partnership with more than 40 medical institutions from 15 countries, the St. Jude Global Euro Regional Program is working to fulfill the right of every child with cancer to receive high-quality care, have a chance for a cure and live a full and healthy life.


The program was established in 2017 and focuses on developing regional, national and international initiatives to improve childhood cancer survival rates and reduce suffering associated with catastrophic diseases in children.


Regional Initiatives


The Euro program focuses on three areas: capacity building, education and research. Through twice-a-year regional collaborative workshops, we continue to build a network of partners united by common goals and sharing the resources available through the St. Jude Global Alliance.

  • The Assessing Doctors’ Attitudes on Palliative Treatment (ADAPT) project: This collaborative project with more than 400 participants from 11 countries assesses barriers, access, knowledge and perception on palliative care integration for children with cancer. The project provides country-specific reports available to inform advocacy for evidence-based palliative care education and policies. Since starting in the Euro region in 2019, the project has been implemented in more than 27 countries globally. Learn more about the project
  • SAFER Ukraine: Arising in response to the war in Ukraine, the mission of SAFER Ukraine is to aid Ukrainian children with cancer and blood disorders to enable them to receive high-quality medical care, in Ukraine or abroad, through capacity building and international collaboration. In partnership with numerous stakeholders from Ukraine, Europe and North America, SAFER Ukraine assisted over 1,000 patients and families to continue lifesaving therapy abroad when they needed to evacuate their home country. 
  • In collaboration with St. Jude Global transversal programs, the Euro Regional Program also facilitates implementation of hospital-based pediatric cancer registries (SJCARES) and the St. Jude Pediatric Oncology Facility Integrated Local Evaluation Tool (PrOFILE).


Our Team


Asya Agulnik, MD, MPH

Director, Euro Regional Program

Director, Critical Care Program

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Taisiya Yakimkova, MD, MS

Program Manager, Euro Regional Program

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Anna Sonkin, MD

Project Coordinator, Euro Regional Program



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