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Culture and Communication

The Global Culture and Communication (C&C) Program strives to support the cure of childhood cancer globally with culturally appropriate approaches to research, education and community engagement.


The program seeks to empower pediatric hematology-oncology clinicians to work with families and communities to establish trust, improve communication and provide empathetic and culturally sensitive care. 


Program Initiatives

C&C works toward its goals through the following efforts: 

  • Education. C&C offers evidence-based methods of approaching care with inclusive consideration of how perception, belief and knowledge affect patient- and family-centered pediatric cancer care. 
  • Research. C&C seeks to identify barriers to treatment adherence and patient-centered communication that may inform the care of children with cancer worldwide. 
  • Interventions. Through community engagement, C&C works with research sites to develop community-based, culturally appropriate interventions to increase patient-centered care and team capacity. 
  • Network. C&C engages communities to connect leaders and learners toward embracing the unique cultural differences that professionals in pediatric oncology face, propelling a collaborative approach to care. 


Our Team


Dylan Graetz, MD, MPH

Director, Culture and Communication Program

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty

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Shayla Lawrence, MPH

Project Coordinator, Culture and Communication Program

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