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A Shared Vision

The St. Jude Global Alliance is dedicated to the vision shared by all members of improving access to quality care and increasing survival rates for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases worldwide.

The St. Jude Global Alliance connects and empowers institutions and foundations worldwide.

Launched in December 2018, the Alliance is a global community working to advance care for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

It now includes more than 200 member institutions from more than 70 countries.

Together, the Alliance takes a multilevel approach to developing global, national, regional and hospital-based initiatives centered on its member partners across seven regions and a growing number of transversal, or cross-regional, programs to ensure the advancement of care for children around the globe.


Member Benefits


The Alliance offers member institutions and foundations multiple opportunities to become involved and contribute to the shared vision of the Alliance through:


  • Helping build the future of the Alliance and supporting collaborative activities that will shape a community dedicated to transforming global child health.
  • Assisting in developing — and participating in — projects and clinical and nonclinical research studies developed by the Alliance. 
  • Participating in registries, assessment tools and platforms to affect patient outcomes and advance practical understanding of global childhood cancer epidemiology.
  • Engaging with St. Jude faculty and staff for training and development opportunities through the St. Jude Global Academy and other educational endeavors.
  • Attending Alliance meetings and workshops to connect with other members at the regional and global levels. 
  • Serving on Alliance working groups and committees. 
  • Having access to member-specific, targeted content and resources available only to members via the St. Jude Global’s Online Community.
  • Contributing to the growth of the Alliance by nominating other institutions for membership.
  • Serving as a mentor to other members of the Alliance, regionally and globally.

How to Become a Member

All members must be legally registered medical institutions committed to treating childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases or legally registered foundations supporting medical institutions that are members of the Alliance.

If you have questions about applying for membership, email


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A Place to Collaborate

Alliance members can access the St. Jude Global’s Online Community — a web-based platform to interact, ask questions and find information. 


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