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Because of the lack of guidance on proper adaptation and implementation of evidence-based interventions, as well as limited training opportunities in improvement science, the global adoption and monitoring of practice improvement interventions is generally poor. 


This improvement science project aims to create a harmonized pathway for developing and implementing  St. Jude Global Packages in order to accelerate the generation of local and global practice-based evidence on topics of interest and improve the quality of care delivered to children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases globally. 


The Packages team leverages partnerships and collaborations emerging from St. Jude Global and the St. Jude Global Alliance to co-design, implement and monitor these practice-based interventions. 


St. Jude Global Packages are a key component of the SJCARES toolkit. 


The initial taxonomy describes practice improvement projects in three broad categories:

  • Dissemination (Guidance Packages)
  • Quality improvement (Change Packages)
  • Implementation (Implementation Packages)



St. Jude Global faculty and staff have conceptualized St. Jude Global Packages as technically sound practice improvement interventions with cumulative multisite experience and a measurement strategy. Additionally, they have initiated these interventions and collaboratively designed them with global partners to ensure global dissemination.


Our Team


Paola Friedrich

Director, Metrics and Performance Unit 

Director, Central and South America Regional Program

Director, Mexico Regional Program

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty

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Miriam Gonzalez-Guzman, MD, MSc

Clinical Research Scientist

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To learn more about the St. Jude Global Packages, email