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Every Child, Everywhere

St. Jude Global supports advancing care by developing comprehensive initiatives in capacity building, education and research.


Mission and Vision


Our mission is to improve the survival rates of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases, worldwide, through the sharing of knowledge, technology and organizational skills. 


Our vision is that every child diagnosed with cancer or another catastrophic disease has access to quality care and treatment. 



Many national flags hanging in a grand hall.
Nurse holding child cancer patient.
Colorful map of the world.

Worldwide, nearly 90% of children with cancer live in low- and middle-income countries.

Many of those children lack access to adequate diagnosis or consistent treatment and care. In fact, of the estimated 400,000 children who develop cancer each year, only half are ever diagnosed. Many pediatric cancers are treatable, particularly in high-income countries where survival rates exceed 80%. 

Established in 2018, St. Jude Global is working to decrease these disparities and improve the survival rates of all children everywhere. 

In partnership with medical institutions, foundations, governments and others worldwide, St. Jude Global has brought a multi-layered global approach to ensure more children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases have access to quality care and treatment.


Our Approach

St. Jude Global pursues its goals through a visionary approach incorporating three foundational pillars.

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Capacity Building and Patient-Centered Care

Develop and strengthen health systems and patient-centered initiatives encompassing the entire care continuum required for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Grad cap


Train the clinical workforce that is required to meet this global mission.



Advance knowledge in global pediatric oncology and hematology through research to sustain continual improvement in the level and quality of care delivered around the globe.

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo

No child should die in the dawn of life, and that means no child, anywhere in the world. Period.”

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo

Director, St. Jude Global