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The St. Jude Pediatric Oncology Facility Integrated Local Evaluation (PrOFILE) is a dynamic 360 evaluation of health services delivery, helping care teams and institutions define an improvement strategy to increase childhood cancer survival.

We have developed two versions of PrOFILE, which are similar in terms of structure and delivery, but differ in terms of perspective, purpose, and subtle elements of the implementation process.

The Full Version of PrOFILE is a “look within” – it is an institutional journey and is meant for institutions that want to define a local improvement strategy. The Abbreviated Version is a “look across” institutions, it is a multisite collaborative journey that illustrates the Pediatric Hematology and/or Oncology (PHO) resource landscape for a subnational, national, or regional group of facilities, it guides conversations about collective strengths and opportunities, and it helps set priorities for collaborative work among stakeholders.




PrOFILE is divided into 5 components and 12 modules (Figure 1). These modules are based on evidence and expert consensus. They primarily contain questions with defined desirable thresholds to facilitate scoring and visualization of results.

The names of all 12 modules in PrOFILE

Figure 1: Complete names of the Modules



Both versions are implemented in three phases: preparation, assessment, and interpretations and action (Figure 2). PrOFILE phases lead PHO teams, facilities, or cohorts to dynamic prioritization, emphasizing areas amenable to quality improvement and implementation science methodologies. Repeated use of PrOFILE permits insightful benchmarking and local tracking of progress over time.

Graphic showing the implementation timeline of PrOFILE

Figure 2: Implementation Timeline



The PrOFILE team provides score-based and descriptive institutional reports and guides the assessment team through general uses for the data collected and how to interpret the site-specific results. The primary data are for PHO teams, facilities, or cohorts to use and leverage as they see fit to improve childhood cancer care delivery locally and globally.


Our Team 


Paola Friedrich, MD, MPH 

Director, Metrics and Performance Unit

Director, Latin America Programs

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty

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Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MDMiriam Gonzalez-Guzman, MD, MSc

Executive Vice President 

Chair, Department of Global Pediatric Medicine 

Director, St. Jude Global

Full Bio


Miriam Gonzalez-Guzman, MD, MSc 

Clinical Research Scientist II

Full Bio


Tracy Estevez, MBA 

Program Manager, Metrics and Performance Unit

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Melissa Vickers, MBA

Program Coordinator, Metrics and Performance Unit

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Alyana Alvarez, MPH

Program Coordinator, Metrics and Performance Unit

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Nadya Sullivan, MPH

Clinical Research Scientist 

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