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The Global Hematology Program seeks to advance knowledge of non-malignant catastrophic blood disorders through research, technology and organizational skills, ultimately enhancing survival and outcomes worldwide.


The vision of the program is creating a world where every young person with non-malignant catastrophic blood disorders receives specialized, compassionate care leading to prolonged life and a meaningful existence.


Program Initiatives

Our approach focuses on connecting our department's core pillars (capacity building, education, research, and resource mobilization) to a comprehensive clinical framework for catastrophic non-malignant blood disorders. This framework is designed to help countries, healthcare systems, care teams, caregivers and patients access resources and training to address gaps in care and produce sustainable improvements in the fight to save the lives of children affected by such diseases. 

The program's projects fall under at least one of our four strategic goals: 

  • Promote Early Diagnosis: This includes universal newborn screening (point-of-care device or clinic-based testing) as well as research into the characterization of the genetics of hematologic disease (genetic modifiers of SCD phenotype and other hematologic diseases).
  • Develop Specialized Care Teams: This includes workforce skill and knowledge training, program capacity building, advocacy and funding procurement. 
  • Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions: This includes addressing drug access, guideline adaptation, adherence interventions, pain interventions, transition to adult care and curative treatments. 
  • Build a Global Hematology Team: Sustainability is a critical component in every effort and only possible through collaboration. Team building work includes monthly case discussions, partnering with other organizations to support or expand existing initiatives and developing offerings in multiple languages. 


Our Team 


Jane Hankins

Director, Global Hematology Program

Member, St. Jude Faculty

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Nicholas Faris

Program Manager, Global Hematology Program

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Ombeni Idassi

Program Coordinator, Global Hematology Program

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