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Infectious Diseases

The Global Infectious Diseases (Global ID) Program works to improve the survival rates for children with infectious diseases, especially those with depressed immunity, and to lower their risk of getting infected.


The Global ID Program collaborates with local health care professionals at international sites to raise care and infection prevention standards and promote evidence-based best practices.


With a team of educators, subject matter experts and global collaborators, Global ID creates and administers up-to-date training resources to enhance the clinical workforce worldwide. The program’s initiatives help clinicians gain the knowledge, access to technology and organizational skills needed to prevent, diagnose, manage and minimize the consequences of infectious diseases in children, particularly those with cancer.


Program Initiatives 


The Global ID Program aims to:

  • Improve the quality of health care practices through education and training guided by research.
  • Foster and participate in international collaborative research on infectious diseases.
  • Establish and maintain a network of health care providers in infection care and prevention to stimulate a continual exchange of infectious disease-related knowledge and expertise among St. Jude Global teams and partners.

Global ID designs, conducts and implements collaborative research and quality improvement studies to better understand the reasons for the increased risk of infections and the high incidence of such infections and their poor outcomes and to find and implement sustainable solutions.


The program stimulates collaboration, communication and local engagement by integrating participating health care providers into professional regional networks to optimize the care of infections in children with cancer, address the education needs of care providers and participate in research. 


The St. Jude Global ID Networks comprise regional networks representing the St. Jude Global Alliance. These networks are communities of health professionals and clinical researchers collaborating with the St. Jude Global ID Program to develop standards for quality care, establish and implement strategies to improve the treatment and prevention of infections for all pediatric cancer patients, and participate in research initiatives to further our understanding of infection care and prevention worldwide. 


In 2017, the first regional network was established in Latin America — the Prevencionistas e Infectólogos para Cáncer Pediátrico en América Latina (PRINCIPAL) network. This community represents institutions in countries throughout Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. 


The LOTUS (Linking Oncology to Universal Standards in Infection Care and Prevention) Network is a community of health professionals and clinical researchers representing institutions and countries across the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia regions. Additional networks in other St. Jude Global Alliance regions are in development.


Our Team


Miguela Caniza, MD, MPH

Director, Global Infectious Diseases Program

Member, St. Jude Faculty

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Sheena Mukkada, MD, MPH

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty

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Maysam R. Homsi, MPH, CCRP

Program Manager, Global Infectious Diseases Program

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Milka Vázquez

Project Coordinator, Global Infectious Diseases Program

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Sergio Licona, MD, MBA

Project Coordinator, Global Infectious Diseases Program

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