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Supporting Action for Emergency Response (SAFER) Ukraine

SAFER Ukraine is a humanitarian effort launched following the Russian invasion of Ukraine to provide safe passage for childhood cancer patients and their families needing to evacuate. 

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SAFER: Supporting Action for Emergency Response in Ukraine

SAFER Ukraine established a virtual command center to coordinate evacuations and ensure treatment continues for pediatric oncology patients. The process includes determining transportation logistics and identifying high-risk patients who are deteriorating. 

The SAFER Ukraine team and volunteers translate medical records, coordinate departure travel and manage the logistics of transport across the border. 

The team also established a triage center in Poland. Patients and their families can rest and recover from the evacuation while awaiting assignment to a clinic for continued treatment. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Evacuating Patients from Ukraine to Poland


Pediatric patients arriving at the Polish border are greeted by experienced oncologists to determine if any patients need to be immediately transported to a hospital by ambulance. Those remaining in the convoy are escorted by Polish police to the Unicorn Marian Wilemski Clinic. The Unicorn clinic, located in a former hotel, has the capacity for as many as 300 people, including patients and families. When patients and their families arrive at Unicorn, they have space to rest, eat and sleep for a few days while it is determined where they will go to continue their care. 


Countries offering support to pediatric hematology/oncology patients and their families from Ukraine



SAFER Conversations 


SAFER conversations are webinars hosted by St. Jude Global and the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) in collaboration with partners to support clinicians providing care to displaced children with cancer and families affected by conflict. 


This forum aims to help healthcare professionals worldwide stay connected, share learnings, and provide professional support to peers in these unprecedented times. Moderated by Lori Weiner from National Cancer Institute, the event features speakers and panelists from St. Jude, SIOP, and partner organizations including the Medical University of Lodz, Tabletochki Charity Foundation, and the Prinses Maxima Centrum. 





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View the April 13, 2022 Webinar: 

English Version

Polish Version

Spanish Version

Ukrainian Version