CureAll: All Hands In Global Photo Story Campaign

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The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer aims to achieve, by 2030, at least 60% survival for childhood cancer globally, reduce suffering for all and save one million additional lives. Countries will be guided by the CureAll approach to achieve these aims.

CureAll: All Hands In photo campaign 

Launched during the St. Jude Global Alliance convening in December 2020, this campaign invites you to share your photo story, answering the question, “What does All Hands In mean to you?

We are inviting members of the St. Jude Global Alliance, as well as all our global collaborators and partners to share a photo story of how we can, TOGETHER, achieve the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer aims. 

This is an opportunity to share your inspiration at work, and lead to action and even more impact.  

We look forward to welcoming your submissions by September 15, 2021.

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